Monday, 8 April 2013

Data Collection and Graph

According to Wikipedia, “Data Collection is a process of preparing and collecting data, for example, as part of a process improvement or similar project. The purpose of data collecting is to obtain information to keep record, to make decisions about important issues, or to pass information on to others.  Data are primarily collected to provide information regarding a specific topic.”

So, we went on to collect data about the class age group. Below was the result.

We were asked to tabulate the data in to graph. This was what our group came out with.

Although the answer was not wrong, we did it the wrong way as the main idea that we were given a strip of paper was to see that the graph can be turned into a pie chart when the edges are connected. It took us a while to visualize the concept but after looking at what the other group came out with, we managed to understand.

From the graph, we can find the:-

Mean – is the average. To find mean, add the numbers and divide the sum by the number of    addends.

Median – is the middle number in the data set that is ordered from the least to greatest. When there are two middle numbers, the median is the mean of the two numbers.

Mode – is the number that occurs most often in the data set.  Some data sets do not have a mode while some have more than one mode.

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